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  • D-Cure
  • Hyphens Pharma Pte Ltd
  • D-Cure – Nothing to Lose, Potentially Much to Gain
  • Read how D-Cure is clinically proven to boost patients’ 25(OH)D level to more than 30ng/ml within 2 months safely
Symbicort Rapihaler
Clexane Instruction Video
Talking Hearts
Iberet Folic-500 Tablet 60’s

Watch to learn about the causes and clinical features of iron-deficiency anaemia (IDA), and how the Gradumet Technology of Iberet® Folic 500 helps in the fight against IDA.

Fasenra For Subcutaneous Injection 30mg/1ml PFS 1’s

Find Out More About Fasenra Today!

Symbicort Turbuhaler 160/4.5ug 60’s

NEW Indication for Mild, Moderate & Severe Asthma!

Find out more about this new indication and latest local data on *SLT Asthma!

*Severe Life-Threatening

Telfast Tablet 180mg 50’s

Presenting The Clinical Evidence From The FEXPOLSAR study


Pfizer Upjohn – Celebrex

Avoid The Risks, Choose Celebrex!



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