Earning of Rewards
1. How do I check if I have won the POM Points?
  • There will be a text-banner on top of the page to show you when you have won
  • You can also go into “My Points” to also check that your POM Points are updated
2. How often can I win the POM Points & any other prizes?
  • You will win POM Points when you enter the eVenues
  • You will win POM Points when you click on each video & answer all the quiz questions correctly
  • You will win POM Points when you fully complete any questionnaire under the eSurveys
3. Will I be able to get any CME Points?
  • Not all Talks or Events are CME accredited as this is dependent on the organising principal’s ability to get such accreditation
  • For such accredited Talks or Events, the CME Points will be awarded offline when the organising principal submits your details to the approving body
eVenues on Event Hall
1. 1. Can I get in touch directly with any of the local speakers?
  • Yes, if the speakers leave their contact details under the “Speaker Profile”
2. 2. Will the samples be delivered by the principal or Pan-Malayan sales rep?
  • Please check on the details in each eSampling exercise run by the principal
3. 3. For Request Appointment, can I specify the person I want to see like the Product Manager?
  • Yes, you can & do also provide details like agenda so that the principal can prepare before coming to meet you
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