Year 2020
December 2020

How relevant is Vitamin D in the fight against COVID-19 and respiratory tract infections?

Category: CME Talk
16 December 2020
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Prof Olivier Bruyère (Speaker) and Dr Ling Li Min (Chairperson)

Vitamin D (a potent steroid pro-hormone – not just a nutrient) plays a crucial role in our general health. With the increasing recognition of Vitamin D as an immune boosting vitamin, many studies had been conducted in light of this COVID-19 pandemic. What role does Vitamin D play in our immune health? What protective benefits does it have on COVID-19? Are there any promising evidences of vitamin D on COVID-19 incidence or outcomes? Is high dose vitamin D supplementation actually useful?

Using the widely used Bradford Hill’s criteria for causation, the lecturer will discuss whether evidence supports vitamin D status as a biological determinant of COVID-19 outcomes and vitamin D supplementation as potential efficient preventive measure of the pandemic.

By the end of the lecture, we can perhaps better appreciate that vitamin D is a truly unique vitamin and that we have nothing to lose but potentially much to gain with the treatment of vitamin D deficiency or insufficiency.

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