Year 2021
May 2021

[email protected]: A Century of Care

Category: Diabetes
14 May 2021
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The story of insulin is one of progress – and it’s interwoven with Sanofi’s story. Since the landmark discovery of insulin a century ago, we’ve been a pioneering power behind its success as a transformative treatment for diabetes. In 1923, Hoescht AG (a Sanofi predecessor company) was the first to launch insulin (of animal origin) and activate its potential to save and help improve lives. Since then, we’ve played a pivotal role in innovations whose transformative effects today reach over 15 million people. Looking forward, we’re exploring some of the possibilities beyond treatment to further transform the experiences of countless individuals.

As 2021 marks the centenary year of the discovery of insulin, the theme for our upcoming TMS Diabetes Care Continuum 2021 on 24 April is [email protected]: A Century of Care. Join us as we bring together an esteemed international faculty for an exciting 100 minutes highlighting the transformative insulin journey over the last 100 years and the exciting times ahead. There will also be a special session by Prof. Juliana Chan, Chair of the recently released Lancet Commission on Diabetes where she will talk about the Commission’s blueprint for closing gaps in diabetes prevention, care, professional knowledge, and data that could save millions of lives. We welcome you to this centenary event and look forward to your active participation.

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