Year 2021
August 2021

Vitamin D 360 - Insights on the Sunshine Vitamin in Singapore

Category: CME Talk
12 August 2021
Dr. Matthew Tan Zhen Wei

COVID-19 pandemic has created a big stir and riveted attention on vitamin D deficiency as a possible risk multiplier to COVID infection and downstream complications. Headlines like “Temasek Holdings Giving 100K Bottles of Vitamin D Tablets to Vulnerable Groups in S’pore” populated our local news. Apart from COVID-19, vitamin D deficiency has been linked to poorer musculoskeletal and bone health with increased risk of falls and fractures and also to higher risk of acute respiratory infections (not just COVID-19) and also to more frequent asthma attacks.

Besides looking at some of the randomized control trials and meta-analysis on vitamin D, it would also be illuminating to understand the local landscape from a recently published retrospective study of over 15,000 adult patients that had vitamin D tested and treated in our local tertiary institution. I would also share patient stories on vitamin D which would offer deeper insight into this enigmatic hormone.

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